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Compassion Water of Life ‘fires up’ more than a youth group!

Andy and Dannette McKellar wanted to do “something different” when they presented Compassion at the annual February Fire-Up youth event held at their church. The Compassion advocate couple from Illinois had shared sponsorship with the youth in previous years, so they thought offering an opportunity for the youth to give to something specific like a read more…

Compassion Water of Life opens up many opportunities for churches to get involved in providing safe water to children and their families in developing countries.

Here are some ideas to involve your church in Compassion Water of Life:

  • Compassion Water of Life Event
    Water of Life makes an ideal focus for a church service, youth group, Bible study or small group meeting. 

    To make your presentation even more powerful and memorable local advocates, within Compassion’s Advocate Network, can help you with a free demonstration kit, including a bucket, filter, hose, filter cleaner, hanger and simple instructions. There’s no better way to demonstrate the power and effectiveness of Compassion Water of Life than offering people a glass of water that has been filtered by the Compassion safe water system. To be connected with a Regional Advocate Manager, call (800) 336-7535 or email the Advocate Network, inforequestvolunteer@us.ci.org

  • Challenge your Youth Group!
    Offer Compassion Water of Life demonstration kit to your youth group and see how they can use their energy and creativity to raise money to provide many more safe water systems to children in need. 

    Ideas could include finding and filtering the dirtiest water they can find and then getting people to sponsor their youth leader to drink it!

If you would like to donate, or to begin organizing and tracking your own Water of Life fundraiser, here is a great place to start: